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I’ve determined to write a weekly journal. And publish this each Sunday, for the entire length of my stay in Japan. 4 months ago, when I started in Ireland, I intended to do this but did not yet have the infrastructure in place to do so. [i.e. website and computer].
Things picked up, I began working, and did not find the time nor energy to fulfill the intention. Fortunately I found time in Norway [and a computer].
Over the next letters I will explain my project and my experiences thus far, as they reflect onto experiences more current. This way I will make connections to you and myself (in the past) concurrently.
As for now,
        back to work,
we are re-thatching a roof in Keihoku, northwest of Kyoto, sickling sedge (Miscanthus) when it is not raining too hard.
At present the rain is relenting. The stalks fortunately did not collapse in the storm.

more soon,