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It appears they were a clan escaping

In 5th century Ireland, chieftains 
occupied the land known now as
This was, and still is, a remote, rugged, windswept place.

The Breslins moved north, and found a lake near the sea
in a land of rock.
It must have had fish.
Trees, plants, animals, grew and roamed nearby.
On an overlooking plateau,
and stone on the surface.

So assuming they lined themselves in a chain
from the shore out into this lake 
(I do not know the depth then)
and began ferrying stones...

first picked easily, then dredged, under mud,
then split,
a hard shale, with only harder stones to cleave.
storming from the Atlantic,
stone by stone,
raft by raft,
hand by hand,
they created a surface to keep their feet dry.

And did not stop.
A ring rose along the circumference,
more stones heaved up,
baskets of smaller chinks,
packed into the heart,
keeping the mass together.

60 feet in diameter.
16 feet in height.
A megalithic mode of making.

And when all done, 
the stairs inside the wall laid,
the well inside the wall dug,
wooden cabins built,
children put to bed,
a fire could be started,
a cow could graze inside
and produce food,
and stories of leaving,
and making a place,
could begin.

How long did they last? 
(Not very)
How long will their story last?